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Accessory Breast Removal

     Accessory breasts are usually glands or tissues that remain after the development of the breast. Although accessory breasts are typical asymptomatic and can be problem free, there are many reasons to consider surgical remedies. Mostly composed of both the central accessory breast tissue and adjacent fat tissue, the majority of complaints are aesthetic and confort.

     Some of the issues that can Accessory breasts can cause discomfort during menstruation, anxiety, cosmetic problems, pain, or restriction of arm movement. Removal of this tissue may not be as difficult as you may have thought and very little scaring can be expected using a minimally invasive procedure.

     Don't continue to let accessory breasts cause you discomfort, loss of confidence or possible complications. Accurate diagnosis, treatment and/or removal is as simple as a phone call away. Providing services such as film mammography, accurate breast scans and a certified surgical staff, you can expect only the best at the Plastic Surgery Center.