Plastic Surgery Center

Implant Replacement

     While most implants can last a lifetime, it is a good idea to be seen at or around the 10 year mark post breast augmentation surgery to assess changes in your body. Breast implant replacement surgery is usually the result of one of personal preference and in some cases implant problems.

     Although it is rare that an implant will cause issues especially when the procedure is performed by a reputable and certified surgeon, there can be some problems that could arise that would cause a patient to undergo Breast Implant Replacement, such as: Rupturing of Breast Implant, Capsular Contracture or hardening, Asymmetry, Ptosis or sag. if in doubt, we are available to answer any questions you may have about the looks and safety of your implants.

     The unfortunate truth is that some implants do not last forever, Dr. Mike Hopkins has an outstanding record for successful and lifetime lasting procedures but that can't be said about the national average. Here at the Plastic Surgery Center we will give you all the facts and set you up for success.