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     Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that corrects excessively long, enlarged or redundant labia minora tissue and can make the external genitalia (the “vulva”) more cosmetically appealing. Women who seek labiaplasty are often self-conscious about hanging inner labia tissue when standing up or during intimate situations, about asymmetry of their labias.

     Starting around 1984, Labiaplasty has grown in popularity and in the last 2 years alone has increased at a rate of over 50% per year, becoming less taboo and more mainstream. Although most procedures are performed for aesthetics, there are cases of medical neccisity including pain or discomfort during sex or with exercise and occasionally, redundant labia tissue predisposes to yeast infections or creates friction tears of the tissue.

     Labiaplasty requires no special certification requirements, a consequence of the fact that “cosmetic gynecology” remains unrecognized by the very accrediting bodies which would determine those requirements. Here at the Plastic Surgery Center, we take a serious approach and can assure you that we maintain the highest of standards for every procedure and are always up to date on current trends, procedures and certifications.