Plastic Surgery Center

Latisse ®

     At the Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Michael S. Hopkins is now offering a new product for enhancing the eyelashes. It is an FDA-approved solution for darkening, lengthening, and thickening sparse or inadequate eyelashes. If you have been using extra mascara to give your lashes a more defined appearance, you will be delighted with the new look your eyes will have after a few weeks of using Latisse®.

     Latisse® is a prescription product that comes in a kit and is very easy to use. The kit contains the Latisse® solution and a supply of disposable, sterile applicators. You place one drop of the solution near the tip of an applicator and draw it gently along your eyelashes where they emerge from the eyelid skin. It is like applying eyeliner. There is a feeling of moistness but no dripping of the solution. It is best to make Latisse® part of your bedtime routine. If you miss an application, you can just wait until the next evening. You will receive complete instructions for obtaining the best results during your visit.

     It will take about four weeks for the first results to become visible, and you will then be amazed at the difference. Your full results will be evident after just 12 weeks, and during those weeks you will see continued progress. Your lashes will be longer, thicker, and darker.