Plastic Surgery Center

Neck Lift

     The neck is the first area to reveal the effects of age and gravity. The neck develops loose skin by accumulating excess fat sometimes called a "Double Chin". Tight bands form in some areas while tone is lost in other areas of the neck causing the common "Turkey Waddle" or "turkey Neck". While age does account for the majority of patients, significant weight loss also causes excess loose skin that refuses to tone up regardless of exercise or diet contributing to an aged appearance.

     Multiple factors weigh in to create loose skin including Gravity, Age, and chronic exposure to the elements. other symptoms include loss of definition to the neck, creation of a wide angled neck rather than well-defined lines, crepe-like skin and an overall older appearance.

     Each neck lift is unique and personalized to each individual but usually includes a surgical procedure that smoothes the neck, smooth and lift rough skin while redefining the jaw line. Because of the uniqueness of every patient, during your consultation, we will customize the procedure to ensure we achieve all of your goals and give you the younger look you deserve.